Whether it's a logo, a page layout or a corporate identity program, how you say something—the pictorial and graphic context of your message—is often as important as what you say. Among other things, this includes:
  • Logotypes
  • Advertising design and document design templates
  • Exhibit stand design and event materials
  • Illustration and drawing
Internal consistency, visual coherence and apparent simplicity of result are hallmarks of my design work. This stands in contrast to the imaginative and analytical approach I employ in the process of achieving solutions that satisfy the complicated and conflicting requirements of corporate design. Some of the companies I've done design work for:
  • BTG Process Control Systems and BTG Pulp & Paper
  • Brüel & Kjær
  • Fantasy Arts Licensing, Platform Communications, Gastronomica . . .
I am accomplished at addressing various audiences across a broad range of topics and levels of sophistication, from entry-level user manuals to subtle advertising copy, to full-scale business plans:
  • Product data sheets
  • Product line brochures
  • Quick-start guides and operational manuals, with an emphasis on high-tech products
  • Marketing materials: ad copy, press releases, web content
  • Food topics: science, history, memoir and technique
My ability to write and design at a high professional level means tight focus, unified presentation and reinforced themes. The result is polished prose in a tailor-made context. I've written technical and promotional material for many organizations, among them:
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Zellweger Analytics: BTG Polymetron, Polymetron and Astro divisions
  • The Society for Culinary Arts & Letters
  • Ludy Greenhouse Manufacturing Co.
Razor–thin budgets and lean staffing, not to mention the multiplicity of visual media in today's marketplace, makes speaking with a single consistent voice tougher than ever. External, project-based creative direction can help.
  • Corporate identity programs
  • Stationery/presentation design and template training
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Marketing plans based on your internal research and expertise
  • Website design and coordination
I am a seasoned marketing communicator with a two–decade record of high–quality, creative but practical business solutions—a hands–on manager who can build and lead effective, energetic teams. I am an adroit strategic planner; deft at devising and deploying tactics. I've created corporate image programs for:
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Ludy Greenhouse Manufacturing Co.
  • The Society for Culinary Arts & Letters
and several others.

I'm proficient in the usual software applications used by designers:
  • My portfolio (click on any of the icons above) demonstrates expert-level skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (though some of the layouts were done in PageMaker, which I've been using since late 1985). Of course, "expert" in these cases is a slippery term. These are very deep programs, and specialization in certain apsects is inevitable.
  • Dreamweaver/HTML/CSS: with the exception of the core Javascript code for the scrollers, pop-outs and dropdowns (which I adapted from purchased libraries), I designed and coded the site you're looking at now.
  • Microsoft Office: I know Word extremely well, and wish they would stop "improving" it. I'm reasonably good with Excel; at the least I can do budgeting and all the basics. I'm very good with PowerPoint. Unfortunately, PowerPoint and browsers don't get along very well (and don't let anyone tell you that converting it to Flash is easy—if your show is the least bit sophisticated, it's bound to fail). Instead, you can download this portion of a training module I designed for a client. Not every link will work because I figure you don't really want to deal with a 12 MB file, but you'll get a reasonable idea of how the app works (it includes macros, so you'll need to enable them when the dialog box pops up). There's also this presentation, which I created for a talk at an Edelman conference. In this case, the client gave me the title and some news articles in a specific order; I did the rest. He's a good speaker, so I left most of the slide–to–slide timing up to him.
  • Flash: I've done some work in Flash. You can see it here. The links and audio won't work because they're relative to the site where the movie is embedded; if you want to hear the audio, click here. There's more Flash here, in an old version of this site. I'm currently working through a series of self-directed tutorials to broaden and improve my skills.
  • Javascript, PHP, Ajax, Flex, jQuery, MySQL, etc.: I know what each of these is good for. Depending on the situation, I can do very modest modifications, but I'm not a programmer.
  • All of the above notwithstanding, I'm a fast and avid learner!